Startup Weekend Nets local Entreprenuers

It’s shrimp baiting season in the Low Country. This is the time when the locals go crazy for the savory little bugs. Any other time, you can throw a net out and hoping to catch something, but for a brief time in the fall, you get to toss out a ball of fish meal, and cast a net into the feeding frenzy.

Enter Startup Weekend. The event draws together tech nerds, designers, and wanna-be entreprenuers for a weekend of silicon harbor startup madness. After an epic battle of Rock Paper Scissors, over 40 people were persuaded to pitch their ideas at the opening session. The group voted, and ended up dividing into 13 or so teams to build out the most popular ideas.

We ended up with several categories of enterprise:

1) Apps that solve first-world problems for college students. The most notable of which is an application absolutely patent-worthy whereby one urinates on an iPhone to determine one’s level of drunkenness. the level is determining by presenting one question: “did you just pee on a your phone?” If so, you’re drunk.

2) Apps that solve problems for Kim Kardashian. This includes two gift regesitries and a closet organizer.

3) Business models that somehow use technology to speed up or streamline an existing manual business model.

4) Games involving Cats.

We voted for games involving cats, but the winner is So Perfect, a website that allows you to print a coffee table book of your wish list and send it to your husband, so hopefully he won’t buy you a leaf blower. Let me ask you this? How are you going to build your hovercraft without an extra leaf blower?

The question on our minds is who is the net and who is the shrimp? The attendees just gave up $70 so they could give away their great ideas. The angel investors in the crowd have surely heard all these ideas before in one form or another, and they know that in truth, ideas are worthless. The sponsors might land a few resumes they didn’t already have.

We think it’s the California Gold Rush all over. A lot of people went in search for gold, but the real winners were selling pickaxes and blue jeans. Captain Li’l Bit is starting a startup to disrupt the market for new tools and methodologies for startups — all to make the world a better place.

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