Pirate Talk for Startups

It’s international talk like pirate day. We thought the silicon harbor crew might need to translate startup-speak to pirate.

I’m working on my minimum viable product.
Aye, we’ll be a feast for the fishes if we don’t weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen before the privateers close in.

This is our third pivot.
Clap on that line! Brace the yardarm! Prepare to tack. Helm’s alee!

We’ll be up all night working on a new MVP
Aye, more grog for the crew!

I’m pitching to angel investors tomorrow.
Send a shot across her bow. Heave to! Thar be gold dubloons!

I’m pitching VCs tomorrow.
Hold fast, ye mateys! We’re out gunned and they’re coming for our ship!

A competitor has entered the market.
Shiver me timbers! We’re three sheets to the wind while the scurvy dogs are hull-up and bearing down!

Twitpic is being acquired
Aye, we’ll scuttle the ship before they hornswaggle us out of our jolly roger!

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