Flagship Three will have a Starbucks!

Wednesday’s annoucement that the Digital Corridor’s third startup space, the Flagship Three, the Santa-Maria, the proposed mother hen of all incubators, if you will, is nearing final approval from Charleston’s dreaded Board of Architectural Review (BAR). The city leadership, through the Corridor, for obvious reasons, wants to set up a tech district in walking distance of the Tattooed Moose. The BAR’s job, on the other hand, is to keep things in the holy city from changing, which we all know is the paradox that is Charleston.

We’ve seen this story play out in the news before, and it’s not that interesting. Entrepreneurs and technophiles in Charleston have more important questions on their minds, namely, where to get coffee.

By hacking into the CTU we gained access to specialized imaging technology, and we were able to enhance the architect’s rendering to discover the truth. Rush Dixon has specified a Starbucks in the lower section of the building next to the entrance.

Let us rejoice and raise a shot of espresso!

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