Who are you?

We are a loosely-organized collective of former Black Ops Operatives and Tech Journalists researching hard-hitting stories about technology in and around Charleston, South Carolina, USA.  You can think of us as Woodward and Bernstein (and friends) all tangled up in sea weed and self-delusion.

What are you?

The essential nature of our existence defies the norms of human discourse and the physical laws of this dimension.  For reasons still unknown, we manifest to humans as the nautically-themed shellfish you know as shrimp.

Who are your financial backers?

Most of the cash comes from the shoe boxes we found in Uncle Gill’s attic.  We also occasionally reap windfall rewards in the form of speaking fees on the convention circuit.  You would be surprised how much Democrats will pay to see an anthropomorphic shrimp go on and on about civic investments in technology projects.

Where can I find you?

The best way to contact us is via Twitter.

Why do you do it?

This project is mostly for our own amusement, although the odd bit of actual advocacy does seep in from time to time.

How can I get a sticker?

Well, you can’t.


OK, but first you’ll have to something for us. I just following us on Twitter and WordPress, re-tweeting a few of our sub-140-char gems, and making a public declaration of your admiration.  Or you could ask Karl.  He has some.

What is the real identity of Capt. Lil’EBx?

This is unknown.  We suspect the account is run by a robot and that robot seems to be a fan.