Strange creatures abound in the metro area as of late, especially in Marion Square, where you see people gathering around an augmented reality rapidly scraping the smooth gorilla glass of their smartphones.

And its no wonder Charleston now ranks fourth in the nation for high-tech GDP growth.  There is lots of energy here, and in particular there is a healthy ecosystem of trainers bringing their cards to the table to catch, train, and evolve local companies and startups.

pokemon-6Given all the activity, we thought it appropriate to index some of the many resources available to startups in Charleston. Firstly so that intrepid entrepreneurs can review their options and secondly because it seems to be a burgeoning sector in its own right.  It does raise the question of whether there is more money to be made training Pokémon or selling Pokéballs.

pokemon-1The venerable CharlestonTechnology.com was created by members of the tech community as a central place to introduce the characters of Silicon Harbor.  It is an open source effort that allows the community to contribute as they see fit. We decided to go ahead and list the resources we are aware of, along with their websites, twitter accounts, habitats, and known abilities and weaknesses.

Our proposed edits take the form of a pull request which has yet to be accepted. Please take a moment to view the request and indicate your support.  Once this new work is accepted, the individual resources will be able to update their own information and new resources will be able to add themselves.


 Marion Square image By AudeVivere (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons.

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