Currency Events


There comes a time when enough is enough, when it is time to lean in and change the world.  For too long we have seen the hype-masters take the credit while the ones that make the value get short shrift. We are tired of the power pointers lording it over the pull requesters.  It’s time to push those with real committment up above those that do not know a branch from a tag.  It is time to stop trying to cultivate culture and time to start culturing those that cultivate.

We left safe harbor on a vision quest that led us to The Valley.  We made our pitch.  We cited big numbers.  We refined our message.  

We challenged the thought-leaders. What if we could fundamentally change economics so that those with true grit get the credit?  The investors were all ears. 

We want you to be a part of this world-changing idea. Welcome to the future, a future where nice guys finish first, where currency never inflates, and the pockets of the worthy are lined with a bountiful harvest.

Today we proudly announce GRITCOIN.


Charleston, we have returned.  Maybe we never really left.  The Holy City during DIG SOUTH is the best and only place that that we could sow the seeds of this change of season.  Get ready for a new and grittier Shrimp And Bits.

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