Excavo Australis MMXVI

A sign of the times.

At DIG SOUTH 2016, the Shrimp and Bits team obtained exclusive video of Gary Vaynerchuk taking a punch to his southern hemisphere. But, before we show you that, here is some chum we reeled in from the conference.

Not-So Secret Sauce

Don’t even bother entering Wild Pitch next year unless you’ve got some sauce and it’s a secret.  And note that describing your team as awesomesauce will not supply an adequate vinegar for even the driest of eastern North Carolina pork shoulder.  The hype interferes with the subtler flavors of desperation and bullshit.

Thanks to everybody that contributed in real time.  Seventy-five percent of your confusingly-gathered clams apparently went to the judge’s selection and the remainder to the audience’s favorite and none to your actual choice unless it was was Good Done Great.  We think this format needs a rethink.

Speaking of Coin

Gritcoin could be that rethink.  An undercurrent when it launched at DIG, it went heavily viral via the Slack community with usage jumping 300% over just two days.  Watch this space.  Next year’s festival will surely partner with this virtual currency for coastal Carolina do-gooders.

YiketyYak, Don’t Talk Back

And while we’re on the subject of changing the world, let’s talk about YikYak.  No other startup has done more to promote binge drinking and object-oriented gender studies than the Double Why.  Install this app.  Witness the torrent of plough mud filthier than the Bohicket during the Rockville Regatta.  Uninstall it and know that your world has changed.

Gary Vee

“Hey, Gary Vee, can I tell you about my startup idea?”

“I’d rather you punch me in the balls.”

That sums it up.  Action speaks louder than words.

So, watch the video and then get back to work.  And hey,  if you see yourself, tweet it out to prove to everyone you were there.




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