Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Issues

01VZVISKCITYREG1CO_1100612fLet the Call for Speakers for PrawnCon 2016 echo across the seas.  It’s the minimally viable conference (MVC) you’ve been waiting for.

This hyper-focused event will bring together everything you care about under one conference table.  Live Coding.  UI/X/D. Startups. Fast Failures.  Entrepreneurs.  Corporate Culture.  Cosplay. Agile Waterfalls. Screenshots. Big Data. Little Data.  Massively Parallel Coffee Cloud Vaping. Full Stack Internet of Things. Arduinos. Aardvarks. Art. Bacon.  Bearding. Beering. Behling. Creative Collaboration. Camp. Centrifugal Force.  Grits (w/ and w/o cheese). Hacking. Linked List Celebrities.  Misapplied Labeling of Open Source. Ops. Oops.  Pirates. Pitches. Pivots. Prototypes. All Three Kinds of Pi.

The theme this year is “I Got Issues With You People”.  We are now accepting submissions for presentations, panels, birds of a feather sessions, and lightening talks in the form of GitHub Issues against the conference repo.  Please feel free to format as you see fit and to comment on the submissions of others with abandon.  Do be sure to give some idea of intended session length and any special equipment you might need beyond just a projector that sort of works and a laser pointer somebody “found” at another conference.  A salt water aquarium will be available. No fresh water tank, sorry – we don’t want to attract crappie.

The afterparty will be held on top of the parking Garage on Wentworth.  It will feature a celebrity roast of Mr. Jack Russell with a performance by a former member of the Blue Man Group. Kerrana will be teaching salsa dancing until the cops kick us out.

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