Baptized in Tweet Tea

teaIgnorant members of the public probably don’t know that our writing staff loves to tweet.  While composing our sugary doses of wisdom, The Captain and I sometimes have a glance at the musings of others.  Here we pay homage to our current roster of favourite #ChsTech tweeters.

@chsweb – With a handle like chsweb, Jono Young has either stolen the account from a man named Charles or is an early adopter of the twitters.  He natters on about UX, Content Marketing, and Product Design.  A good reminder of the interests of those that didn’t learn how to write code.

@StartUpSC – Deep fried PASSION about startups.  Steaming bowls full of ENTHUSIASM for TechCrunch articles.  Meaningful-ish statements HAND WRITTEN and HELD UP for a PHOTO.  It’s good, if you like that sort of thing.

@StartChucktown – Powered by @nogginfuel, who apparently publishes greeting cards that share your feelings in a way  you only wish you could. Kindred spirits, we are.

@chs_tech – Account suspended.  That can’t be a good sign.  Probably has the underscore because @chstech was taken.

@PokitDokDev – Always going on about the size of their graph.  Data stuff from one of L’Harbour’s most prominent startup dev groups. See also @riney and @DeniseKGosnell.

@StartupGrindCHS – Heavy on links, light on original content.  Local goings ons and national trends in dot com tomfoolery.

@shortxstack – InfoSec and some general fun from the legendary Whitney Champion.  Works at SPARC for some reason.

@lowcountrywolf – Best local satire since @FauxcountryNews.  Tweets so earnest you almost think they are for real.

@CHSOpenSource – Deep analysis of FOSS contributions from the Charleston area.  A peerless-resource for open source.  Possibly recruiters in GNU clothing.

@TechLifePod – Experimental electronica from Goose Creek.  Hard hitting journalism.  Definitely not just a free commercial for anyone building a startup in Charleston.

@siliconharborpr – Opines about marketing, and proves to be an excellent source of S+B material.  More, please.

@twilson63 – A steady stream of wholesome sustenance  for computer nerds curated by an active community organizer and advocate.  Hard not to like it, except for maybe the ‘how I did on Twitter this week’ part.

@chscodes – Resources for trying to become less about the grits and more about the bits, including stuff for kids.  Affiliated with CODEshow, but we won’t hold that against them.


  1. Ahhh, my foot is stuck in your net, who has a gator to cut me loose? Here’s the scoop on you @chsweb assessment.

    T3h Pr0wn: “@chsweb – With a handle like chsweb, Jono Young has either stolen the account from a man named Charles…”
    @chsweb: I stole it, from some dude (I forget his name), but he was inactive. That was back when Twitter still let you claim you were a better fit for the @username than the currently inactive owner. I gave the same letter I wrote to Twitter to a handful of other folks; they did not get the name.

    The way I see it, each character in a tweet has a value. I used to be @CharlestonWeb to go with that fossil of a 2005 startup. Switching to @chsweb saved me 7 characters, or 5%. Just a ‘Lil Bit can be a big thing 🙂

    T3h Pr0wn “…or is an early adopter of the twitters.”
    @chsweb: also true… it did take me a while to transition away from my GeoCities page though… and I got totally hooked on designing MySpace pages for people.

    T3h Pr0wn: “He natters on about UX, Content Marketing, and Product Design.”
    @chsweb: I have one of those sizzlin’ Twitter charts that disagrees with the nattering bit, but we’ll give you a barbless hook for being a Decapoda. UX, Content Marketing, Product Design, yep. Maybe a bit or #RWD to keep the contenders happy… and to keep me up to speed with the coding thing I used to do…

    T3h Pr0wn : “A good reminder of the interests of those that didn’t learn how to write code.”
    @chsweb: …I like this topic. I used to code before most people knew what code was. I used to support IE 4.5 and Netscape and every other Browser you can think of. Also supported Bobby, Jaws and disabled folks. I wrote some squeaky clean code… nothing like today’s bloated mess. I got out of coding when everybody started getting into it. Now, I just prevent bad stuff from getting coded by making it save time, feel good and make money before a line of code is ever written.

    Ok, now that I’m drenched in sweet tea, gotta’ take a ‘Lil Dip in the ocean to wash off.


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