Baptized in Tweet Tea

teaIgnorant members of the public probably don’t know that our writing staff loves to tweet.  While composing our sugary doses of wisdom, The Captain and I sometimes have a glance at the musings of others.  Here we pay homage to our current roster of favourite #ChsTech tweeters.

@chsweb – With a handle like chsweb, Jono Young has either stolen the account from a man named Charles or is an early adopter of the twitters.  He natters on about UX, Content Marketing, and Product Design.  A good reminder of the interests of those that didn’t learn how to write code.

@StartUpSC – Deep fried PASSION about startups.  Steaming bowls full of ENTHUSIASM for TechCrunch articles.  Meaningful-ish statements HAND WRITTEN and HELD UP for a PHOTO.  It’s good, if you like that sort of thing.

@StartChucktown – Powered by @nogginfuel, who apparently publishes greeting cards that share your feelings in a way  you only wish you could. Kindred spirits, we are.

@chs_tech – Account suspended.  That can’t be a good sign.  Probably has the underscore because @chstech was taken.

@PokitDokDev – Always going on about the size of their graph.  Data stuff from one of L’Harbour’s most prominent startup dev groups. See also @riney and @DeniseKGosnell.

@StartupGrindCHS – Heavy on links, light on original content.  Local goings ons and national trends in dot com tomfoolery.

@shortxstack – InfoSec and some general fun from the legendary Whitney Champion.  Works at SPARC for some reason.

@lowcountrywolf – Best local satire since @FauxcountryNews.  Tweets so earnest you almost think they are for real.

@CHSOpenSource – Deep analysis of FOSS contributions from the Charleston area.  A peerless-resource for open source.  Possibly recruiters in GNU clothing.

@TechLifePod – Experimental electronica from Goose Creek.  Hard hitting journalism.  Definitely not just a free commercial for anyone building a startup in Charleston.

@siliconharborpr – Opines about marketing, and proves to be an excellent source of S+B material.  More, please.

@twilson63 – A steady stream of wholesome sustenance  for computer nerds curated by an active community organizer and advocate.  Hard not to like it, except for maybe the ‘how I did on Twitter this week’ part.

@chscodes – Resources for trying to become less about the grits and more about the bits, including stuff for kids.  Affiliated with CODEshow, but we won’t hold that against them.

3 thoughts on “Baptized in Tweet Tea

  1. Ahhh, my foot is stuck in your net, who has a gator to cut me loose? Here’s the scoop on you @chsweb assessment.

    T3h Pr0wn: “@chsweb – With a handle like chsweb, Jono Young has either stolen the account from a man named Charles…”
    @chsweb: I stole it, from some dude (I forget his name), but he was inactive. That was back when Twitter still let you claim you were a better fit for the @username than the currently inactive owner. I gave the same letter I wrote to Twitter to a handful of other folks; they did not get the name.

    The way I see it, each character in a tweet has a value. I used to be @CharlestonWeb to go with that fossil of a 2005 startup. Switching to @chsweb saved me 7 characters, or 5%. Just a ‘Lil Bit can be a big thing 🙂

    T3h Pr0wn “…or is an early adopter of the twitters.”
    @chsweb: also true… it did take me a while to transition away from my GeoCities page though… and I got totally hooked on designing MySpace pages for people.

    T3h Pr0wn: “He natters on about UX, Content Marketing, and Product Design.”
    @chsweb: I have one of those sizzlin’ Twitter charts that disagrees with the nattering bit, but we’ll give you a barbless hook for being a Decapoda. UX, Content Marketing, Product Design, yep. Maybe a bit or #RWD to keep the contenders happy… and to keep me up to speed with the coding thing I used to do…

    T3h Pr0wn : “A good reminder of the interests of those that didn’t learn how to write code.”
    @chsweb: …I like this topic. I used to code before most people knew what code was. I used to support IE 4.5 and Netscape and every other Browser you can think of. Also supported Bobby, Jaws and disabled folks. I wrote some squeaky clean code… nothing like today’s bloated mess. I got out of coding when everybody started getting into it. Now, I just prevent bad stuff from getting coded by making it save time, feel good and make money before a line of code is ever written.

    Ok, now that I’m drenched in sweet tea, gotta’ take a ‘Lil Dip in the ocean to wash off.


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