Cons Descending

It’s that time again.

Nerdy feet are shuffling between over-heated rooms.  Benefitfocus keychains are being reluctantly plucked from bags of schwag.  Panicked requests for a Lightning-to-VGA dongles are bursting forth from makeshift lecterns.  That one guy is sending his bathrobe to the dry cleaners in preparation for it’s annual use.

It’s conference season.

It is our pleasure to present you with THE indispensable guide to spending your allotted conference time and dollars.  Be warned – our bias is severe, bordering on maniacal.


Shrimp and Bits Guide to the 2016 Charleston Tech Conference Season


  1. thanks for your fast response. are you india?
    my son, TL the 4th, says I am exploring the internet version 3 on windows from 95. that was the year i graduated from clemson GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Yes, but India is just my stripper name. ’95 was a very fine year, and I congratulate you on making the leap to 32-bit hardware. We support all large-cat themed sports teams in the Carolinas, and wish them better luck next year.


  3. a fine year indeed, sir. and i wished the big cats coulda at least made us look like we know somwthing about pro ball here in the south.
    anywho i want to join in your prown.con so that i can meet some real life tech entreprenurs. see my son, TL the 4th, says that all the real money is going to be computers and such so i ought to invest some of our hard earned inherited money before uncle sam gets his oyster glove on it.
    you seem to know alot about these tech businesses. which one should i invest with?

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  4. Your son is a Gentleman and a Scholar. Respectfully, though, pro ball is for yankees. Shrimp and Bits Capital Partners recommends the SC Education Lottery. Or in your case a 529 college savings plan. Clearly little Trad IV is a unicorn in the making. You should probably get him a twitter account, and upgrade your dial-up plan. Definitely sign up on our mailing list for announcements about PrawnCon.


  5. and you sir are a gibberfish and a scallop. i took your scholarly advice and went BIG on the sc lottery. i cant say how big, but let me tell you there was smoke coming out of the lotto printer today!!!!!!! My boy, TL the 4th, is now up and tweeting on the tweeter. he’s sharp as a tack with all his witty little lol and # and wtf and whatnot.
    thanks a million!!!! (oops i didnt mean to say how much i spent on the lotto.)
    ill see you boys at prowncon!!!! ill be the local wearing my pink vineyard vine shirt deck shoes and boat tan.
    GO TIGERS!!!!!!

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