SPARCy Hackathon Redux

What we found was shocking.


Charleston tech took a major productivity dip over the weekend and into Monday after what sleep-deprived caffeine-overdosed zombie-hackers referred to as “Epic.”

Your Shrimp-and-Bits news team deployed some twitter-stalking, and a network of secret go-pro and body cameras to expose the secret underbelly of nerd life.

A nondescript  low-slung office building on the outskirts of town was brimming with the crème-de-la-crème of local tech talent.  There was beer. There was food. There was swag. There were brogrammers, but not that many. Funny team names. Sleep deprivation. Tents. Code written. Superhero Hackers. Some allergic to shrimp, some wearing pants, and some having trouble with Javascript.

The winners, the “Power Ragers”, conquered that all important developer issue: how to find food. A hangry developer is not a productive one, and good food is not easy to find way out on Clements Ferry road.

Then we reviewed the secret video, and what we found was shocking.

Click here to see the shocking evidence.

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