Surveying the Screens in Your Doors

Congratulations, Charleston, you passed!  Not a single respondent choose unsweet with a couple of packs of Sweet & Low.  That would have meant either a) somebody from out of town took the survey, or b) someone is just off.  A response like that might have had Prawn and the Captain  running up to Winyah Bay.  You know they don’t put up with that mess up in Georgetown.

View our handy infographic:

open infographic

The only thing we know for sure is that no one escapes Javascript.

So, Stacks at work.  Java, .NET, and Ruby on Rails stacks are most common, but not that much more common than good old PHP and Perl.  Node stood out, but we don’t know how to interpret that. Feel free to comment if you’re using MEAN, or using Node other than a dependency for CoffeeScript.  Some write-ins were Spark, React.js, Knockout.js, VB6, Go, or Arduino.  So these are either really cool, or really awful places to work.

We are fond of playing with technology outside of work.  Most with Node, but we touched on everything. The “other” responses were Android,  Elixir (2), Elm, F#, Julia.

Schools are still teaching Java and Python.  Nothing new there, but of our three respondents, all admitted to Option 27, proving that students are still smart-asses.  However, we know that Iron Yard’s is forging builders of .NET, Ruby on Rails, plenty of Javascript, and some mobile development.

In terms of practices, we seem to have noisy offices, but are otherwise faring well. And the award for most secure password goes to “Never submit passwords through Google Forms. -Lord Google.” You are safe for now, but please consider changing it to “N3v3r subm1tp @ssw0rds thr0ugh G00gl3 F0rms. -70rd Googl3!@#$,” and using two-factor authentication.

This survey is completely unscientific, and we long for a more representative sample set next year, but we did get a wide swath of organizations.  We wonder if there is an underground of government contractors (besides SPARC) and people who work in the basements of large organizations who don’t use Twitter or know about Charleston Tech Slack.

Feel free to comment with your own conclusions/conspiracy theories.

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