Comic Sans Irony


Symbols can serve many purposes, but none higher than loyalty. A noble standard differentiates one from the crowd, promoting a sense of family, especially as it refers to what type of electronic devices to purchase, or what source of opinionated mutterings to consume.  We salute you, dear reader, for your undying loyalty and support of our cause.  You are the most loyal and sophisticated audience a modest publication like ours could hope to have.

An audience as deserving as you deserves a resonant symbol, and to that end we have commissioned the top design thought leaders available to develop a new crest that speaks to you, and gives you a place to call home.

The new sacred seal has five components – 2 animal figures, a seal, a resistor, a logotype, and our new motto.  Because of your sophistication we have chosen a minimalist style.

The animal figures in flanking rampart represent our founding editors, Legare Huger Rutledge and Tradd Pinkney Moultrie,  subtly highlighting our ever so important corporeal culture.  Boldness, kind eyes, a heart, the subtle rounded edge of a smile, neither smirking, nor laughing at you, but laughing with you, unless you are Tim Wolf or Glenn Nelson. (You know what you did.)

The captain’s hat and scar give a nod to Lil’bit’s prior exploits and speaks to one’s ability to change and be redeemed.  Although hairless, T3h Pr0wn always considered himself the mustachioed type – mostly a result of not shaving.  After making his fortune he spends his leisure time on the island (not sure if it is St. John’s or Wadmalaw) studying the present from a well worn perspective.  The sombrero protects his delicate shell from the sun.

For the logotype, we have leaned heavily on typographic tradition to stunning effect.  The lack of serifs speak to the highly technical audience to which our publication caters.  Traditionally, sans-serif fonts are easier to read on screens.  And speaking of tradition, the choice of this particular storied and enduring typeface embodies the timeless values that our readership demands.  The bold strokes bring to mind the history and courage of our beloved Holy City.  The delicate bends in the stems and crossbars speak to the natural curves in the local rivers and shorelines that shape our readers’ approach to life.

Surely the typeface alone could communicate our new motto, Supra Mediocritas, rise above mediocrity, but we decided because it is latin we should spell it out.  A place slightly above the bottom of the crest seemed good enough.

The blue background denotes Charleston Harbour, the confluence of commerce and nourishment that has defined our fair city for many years.  The zigzag line compels us to resist those that opposes our technological advancement by misappropriating terms and insinuating we should fix their computers.

Change can be difficult, and hope you will bear with us through this transition, as you so valiantly have over the years.  Change can also bring with it an awakening of hope, so please give it five damn minutes of thought before you harsh on it.

Finally what is more striking about the design is what is not there.  An extra set of legs, and a set of feelers, for two.  An eye patch is missing.  But, perhaps most noticeably left out, to the discerning reader, is the bullshit.

Hail to Charleston Tech!  May your banner forever fly gently in salty Lowcountry breezes!



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