Studio Time

You may be wondering why Captain and T3h Pr0wn seem to have been phoning it in over the summer. Or maybe you were too busy careening across the waves in your speedboat, or sipping sweet tea on the verandah trying to regulate your body temperature in the sweltering sauna that is the South Carolina Lowcountry. Sometimes I’ll never understand you warm-blooded mammals.

One of our dear readers took notice, and called us out. MyNameIsMiek asked if we had completed the drawing of Charleston Open Source survey respondents to find out who would win the coveted Shimp and Bits covfefe mug.  So, instead of a drawing, we’re going to give the mug to him. (If you would just DM us an address.  We can always send it to a post office for general delivery if you don’t want some anonymous trawl to know where you live or work. Granted, if you’re not adjacent to a salt marsh it would be pretty hard for us to mess with you, but still, I wouldn’t put it past Pr0wn — he’s a whiz with a roll of toilet paper.)

But I digress.  You’re still wondering where we’ve been.  The truth is we’ve been in the studio.  Sometimes you have to put space between yourself and the borderline-obsessive adoration of a passionate fan base for your truest creative impulses to be released.  And our goal with this first release is to pursue the utmost in authenticity and artistic integrity.

We’ve taken a deep look at our industry, and how it affects the Charleston community as well as the software industry as a whole, and poured our emotions into what we hope will be a compelling call to action for those who understand our worldview.

So, without further ado, we present our first music video:  “My Framework”.

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