Th’ Ol’ Gray Parrot Tweets

According to local legends, the gray man walking on the beach disappears into the mist, warning you of a approaching hurricane.  These days we don’t need the warning, because we have Jim Cantore to knee us in the balls whenever there is bad weather. But, if you do see the gray man, take heart, for you and yours will be spared.

Whenever I think of Gray and self-inflicted groin injuries, Dig South comes to mind.  Recently, we ran across Stanfield and Sunny Gray bustling about warning us all of the impending DIG ICON conference.  Somehow they manged to leave us in charge of their trusty pet parrot and then disappear into a crowd at the yacht club’s race week reception.

So, we’re in charge of the Ol’ Gray Bird, and like any good babysitters, we’re giving her an ipad to keep her occupied.  Since we’ll be busy at the conference, we thought we’d let her tweet through our twitter account for the next few days using the hashtag #digparrot.





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