Captain Leads Sprint


With 2 days left to go in November’s Charleston Open Source Leaderboard series, Captain Lil’Bit is in the lead.  Blue Acorn Human Tommye Priest is in a close second.  The two have risen above the rest in the chase for the coveted Charleston Open Source Ambassador crown.

“Our strategy has been to put more points on the board,” said The Captain’s crew chief, Pr0wn, Jr. “That’s how we get out ahead of the rest of the school.”

Last month’s champion Joe Williamson was trailing at 5th place, having apparently had actual work to do this month. Third, fourth, and fifth place were lagging, their only hope of catching up would be to click-bait their friends into signing up.

“I’ve been communicating to Tommye,” said crew chief Kanye Harvick, “Her computer is in need of a de-frag, but we’re going to see if we can hold out for the next two laps – gas and go for the next few pits.”


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