221 Steps to a Successful Startup. Number 187 Will Shock You!

capt-lil-bit-clean-shavenAs an entrepreneur, you’re never short on people who want to give you advice.  But you have to be careful.  Your friends just want you to build an app for their specific use-case. Your mom just wants you out of the basement.

The best place for advice? Twitter. Surround yourself with like-minded serial entrepreneurs. We’ve curated #chstech over the years, and distilled the noise to bring you the most important articles to help you succeed. It’s elementary.

Come up with an idea. Define it as the Über of the IoT.

How to Get Startup Ideas

Choose a location. Choose Charleston. Since you’re doing IoT, why not live on IoP?  Write a blog entry on how sitting in traffic on the Don Holt is important to your future corporate culture.


Choose a name. This is absolutely critical.  It’s not a good idea to talk to anyone about your idea until you have a memorable name.

How to Name Your Business: 10 Things you Need to Know

Once you have a name, you’ll need to innovate.

The Four Business Opportunity Search Zones

Watch out for these 7 mobile trends

6 Ways to Encourage Innovation

Learn to understand Millennials, because they are the only employees willing to work late nights and accept compensation in changing the world.

Millennials and Money: 3 Things Small Business Owners Need to Know

And really, if you want to attract millennials, you’ll need a cool logo and a website.

3 Things Every Founder Should Know about Design

Learn these 8 HTML Tags

While you are at it, embrace minimalism.  It will simplify your message, and cuts down on the number of features you have to build for your MVP.

5 Challenges of Being a Minimalist

Now you have to start marketing.

Here’s a 24-point checklist to get your startup marketing

7 Public Speaking Fundamentals Entrepreneurs must Master


David Ogilvy’s 20 Unconventional Rules for Getting Clients

Start thinking about raising a seed round, but don’t just take money from anyone.  Remember: everyone wants to give you money.  Interest rates are near zero and hedge funds are out of style. You can be picky about whose money you take.

3 Things To Know Before You Raise Funding

15 Things I Wish I Knew Before Raising a Seed Round

Make sure you tweet some things out so people will know you are serious about your startup.  Here are a few starters.

Barbara Corcoran’s 8 Lessons for Entrepreneurs

3 things everyone can use: more time, good feelings, money

By the time you’ve reached this step, If you’re still tweeting you’re behind the times. But Instagram, Snapchat, and YikYak are keeping you busy talking about your, um,  startup. Start working on time management and tooling.

5 Keys of the Entrepreneurial Mindset

7 Steps to Achieving Influencer Marketing at Scale

If you’re running behind, here are 6 Things to Get You Through Today.

Do some sales.

7 practical email messages to send to your targeted ppc leads

Figure out why you’re not making sales.

5 Reasons your SaaS Platform is Floundering. + 15 Ways to Fix it.

Realize this is because you don’t have anything to sell yet. Probably best to start working on your leadership skills, and let others know what it will take to be a part of your fast-paced team.  Tweet something like this to cull the resumes down to only the ones who can hack it.

20 Signs your BOSS is Going Places

And be more self aware.

Journal 3 things you did well that day every night

8 Steps to Discover and Unleash your Strengths as an Entrepreneur

How to Just Say No: 4 Frameworks from the Pros

If your platform adoption isn’t quite what you though it would be.

Leave Behind these 17 SEO Myths

And finally,  Customize Slack So It Stops Murdering Your Productivity.

That’s it folks. Only 221 things TODO and you are ready to be interviewed by Fast Company.  What are you waiting for?  Your success is the only logical outcome.


  1. It seems to me that there might be some ACTUAL advice in this posting. No, like really …
    I’m not talking about the links to any of the “13 Simple Ways to Boost Productivity / Lose Belly Fat / Score Internships / Travel Like a Gypsy”.

    I’m talking about:
    STOP READING BLOGS (including this one) >>> GET BACK TO REAL WORK (that involves real people and real challenges)


  2. Absolutely Right, assuming that “real people” includes crustaceans, who have some serious challenges being taken seriously in the tech world.


  3. It seems to be a massive amount of great information. Thank you for putting all this together, I found alot of the links very helpful!


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