New Sponsor – Analog River


Shrimp and Bits is pleased to announce our new hosting provider and sponsor, Analog River. Most hosting companies try to sell you an impossible, “always-on” 0.9999999 uptime.  Analog River is a new kind of hosting company.  It works the way you do — mostly on.

Analog River.  Never fully on, Never fully off.  

Thanks to their patent pending technology, Analog River works less like a transistor, and more like a vacuum tube.  It uses fuzzy logic to deliver a richer experience.  Inspired by a night of watching the tide ebb and flow after one too many drinks at Chico Feo’s,  this Charleston, SC, startup was able to re-think hosting and disrupt the industry.

Who needs an ocean when what you really want is to continue to stream Netflix while half asleep.

Analog River’s corporate culture reflects the world-class hospitality of their home town. Like the motto of their favorite convenience store, Bert’s Market on Folly Beach, “We may doze, but we never close”.

We encourage you to check out  The site will be live in a few months.

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