Nets Cast Once Again Into L’Harbour

The Harbor Entrepreneur Centre and Ice Dancing Revue has gone and done it again.  Patrick B and The Funky Bunch have just announced their 4th cohort of participants.  This go round will feature a dystopic reality TV theme and in the final weeks the companies will fight to the death armed only with printed pitch decks.  The winner will get half a pack of menthol cigarettes and $11.24 as a convertible note.

The challengers, in no particular order:

  • Scrubbyzone – Changing the way the world washes their hands.  For realz.  Not surprised that all founders have clear German lineage.
  • HomeTrack0r – This is not a product for finding out if the home you are about to buy was the scene of a grisly crime.  Definitely not that.
  • HarbourGoode – I think this is a way for Bidr to get crap to auction for good causes.  Closing the loop on the crap-to-karma cycle.
  • Ravi Health – Not entirely sure.  Got a lot of balls, though.
  • Porzio’s LLC – “Naturally gluten free” subsidiary of Genco Olive  Oil.
  • SpeedAdd – Text-based ordering of high quality New Mexico Blue.
  • Pueri Elemental – “We’re reinventing fun!” with the “Eco Bonk, a USA made bop bag collection”.  Errrr.
  • Hydrow – Cutting of the many heads of the problems facing the 10 people in the US that like to row for fun.  Entirely staffed by Dark Elves.
  • MobileMenu – Order stuff in a restaurant….WITH YOUR PHONE.

And there you have it.  My money says that HomeTrack0r will emerge victorious after jabbing out Hydrow’s eyes with a rolled up ‘market opportunity’ pie chart in the final round of battle.

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