Trawl’d Up

Patrick Bryant has again cast his net into ​Charleston harbor and hauled forth a bounty of treasures​.  The Harbore Entrepreneur Centre’s newest cohort has been announced.

It includes:

  • BandDEK – An online platform to help bands organize their sh​**​t music.
  • Group Travel – “the private, secure, and affordable people­to­people connection for smartphones”.  Everything Facebook isn’t.
  • Teamphoria – employee engagement software, because companies ​can achieve euphoria when everybody’s got a huge new rock to show off at the water cooler.
  • OpenAngler – because the angle of the dangle has been ​proportional to the heat of the beat for too long.​
  • Gather Yoga – ​a digital lifestyle brand ​for people that like stretching and talking about stretching.  It’s ​quite ​a stretch.
  • The MZ7 Smart Power Station ​​- so advanced it has not yet been invented yet.​
  • Sequr – hoping they can Sequr some investors into putting money into “ultimate control”.​
  • Compliance Plus – because sometimes the usual level of compliance just ain’t enough.  Doing exactly what they are told since 2015.​

ShrimpAndGrits’s new motto is: “creating collusion among introverts”.​​

—Th3 Pr0wn

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