Seven New Year’s Resolutions for Silicon Harbor

​As the sun sets on 2014, it’s time for some new year’s resolutions. We don’t usually keep these resolutions, but it’s worth a try. Maybe 2015 is the year we’ll actually do something.

  1. Shave the beard. It’s gone mainstream.
  2. Learn something besides Angular so I can get a real job.
  3. Stop calling consulting companies and government contractors “startups.”
  4. Stop calling my startup a “startup”. It’s a business. It’s three years old. Just because we’re not making money doesn’t make us special. History will tell us if we’ve created a disruptive innovation. Try to actually sell something.
  5. Name my company something besides “Silicon Harbor (insert profession here).” We want to give the impression that we’re striving to make Silicon Harbor profitable, not just profiteering from other people trying to make Silicon Harbor profitable.
  6. Finally contribute to that open source project I’ve been taking advantage of for so many years.
  7. Pivot to a Saas model to create a “cloud” solution that will cover a wider user base. Because Lord knows, the world is not crying out for more .gif files showing cats making faces with rap lyrics underneath.

Maybe, just maybe, this will put us on the map.

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