Hipster’s Paradise

Given all the hype about the old cigar factory since Johnson and Whales left in 2006, it is surprising that there is only one tech company signed up to rent so far. According to the Business Journal, Enviro-Mix has recently added their name to the list of tenants, which include Garden & Gun Magazine and the Indigo Road Restaurant Group.

Seriously, people. Smack in the middle of the tech district, between Flagship 1 , Flagship 2, and the coming Flagship 3, this hipster haven has serious cool factor. Originally a cotton mill, the Victorian architecture takes you back to the days of moustaches and newsboy hats. You’ll fit right in. Not only that, but the history is palpable. People made cigars here. (Just for those of you who don’t know about cigars, this was what people did before vaping was a trend.) It was also the site of the first use of the song “We Shall Overcome” in a protest.

Eventually the culinary school added major foodie cred to the tobacco stained walls.

To top it all off, you have the irony of a beautiful seaside view marred by the crash of train cars being pushed around on their way to the port — the port through which your locally hand-crafted artisan software will be exported all over the world!

C’mon people! Sign up now and you can surely be moving in summer of 2015. By then you may actually have a business plan for your startup.

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